F = Friends (helpful communicators)
R = Ruth

F: Whenever you begin to understand, it is just one step on an endless journey.  Each step is important but dwarfed by the magnitude of the overall journey.

F: Your knowing is never at a standstill or barricaded from further insights. Cementing your understanding is disastrous! Destruction is guaranteed. Understanding grows and blossoms.

You can be free or absorbed, but what matters most is the intent of direction.

F: You want to know, and yet knowing also changes your world.

Sometimes deafness is intentional, for dealing with what is can be both influential and hard to take. Do it anyway. Express it anyway. Your own trials will be alleviated, in a sense, though not destroyed.

F: Letting bushels of thoughts in at a time can confuse. Weeding out may help, but it is not the point at all. Perception, understanding, knowing. These are the things we suggest be your guide and focus.

[With a difficult situation] letting things go is not always an option, but understanding is. It’s enough sometimes (but not always).

Perception is good as well but can be misleading, too (distortions occur).

Sometimes our hearts receive most easily. Understanding is key, but the heart knowsThe knowing is probably the most direct route.

Let more and more of that [knowing] come to you in chunks, letting the sorting out process happen in its own time.

F: Sometimes it is best to let the attempts to understand go and just “be with” a situation or even a teaching. Just be with it. Get used to it. [Rather than trying to dissect it.] Let it speak to you. You can do this with minimum effort.

R: Something like just providing that teaching the space in my life without making any decisions about it?
F: Yes, very good.

F: When you begin to discern the fine differences in our interactions with you, your own clarity will also benefit. Your understanding enhances, but there are fine differences that go unnoticed at present. You can develop these at your own pace. However, we would suggest another way of absorbing this. Yes, the packets as described yesterday. You can grok the whole thing at once.  It is possible.

R: Example?

F: Your own desires now. They feel quite diverse, yes? And yet there is a cohesion, an “understanding,” that runs between them. Can you recreate the thoughts and feelings?

R: Probably not.

F: Yes, not. So what does work then? A different way, a different mode. You’re getting there.

R: I remember looking up “judgment” in the dictionary, writing out all the different definitions, and how focusing on that brought additional insights that were not on the printed page.

F: So you are beginning to grok it, but there is more. An advertisement could be made to speak many languages at once, and they do [ads are full of subliminal messages]. So it is, with your own mind. Unwittingly, there are multiple streams being processed simultaneously. Just like now, this very moment.

You can begin to decipher these strands by scanning the impressions without your own judgments taking hold. Just scan. Scan and absorb. You will learn a lot that way.

Sometimes it will appear foggy, other times crystal clear. It is all the same, but your perception wobbles. The wobbling causes a blurriness.

F: You can begin by seeing your world in a different light, a different orientation. Things revolve in different directions all at the same time & with varying schedules. You can begin with this awareness and let other images begin to emerge out of that.