When you begin to open your heart fully to the wonder that exists within the greater realm of your being, it creates a vortex of propagation, i.e, a disproportionate pull towards greater things.

When ideas form a feeling of understanding, you will better be able to change in a positive way, more into your essential self.

Begin again. Always begin again. The world keeps shifting and so it is with you. Begin again. Begin anew…

Freeing yourself should bring a feeling of relief. A feeling of relief and greater freedom, easier motion, less restricted.

What is of most importance is your own attunement in the process. Our love pervades and so must yours also. That provides the guidelines.  

Insignificant, unnoticed…

It often appears on your “screen” of awareness that your own doings are insignificant, unnoticed, and we understand how it can appear so. However, it is quite another way. It all totals, on a grander scale, a sum of actions which can override much of what is happening at present.

We suggest hugging close to what you feel sustains you and connects you to the goodness that you seek for an everyday meal.

When these weird impressions come to your awareness, it is a grand opportunity to be in another kind/sort of flow. A flowing which enables and accepts the vagrancies of Spirit — the smoothness of what can be a curtailed ecstatic delight or a full-out loss of curtailment, a pure DELIGHT in what is.

These are all possibilities, options, in your “trip through what is your life here.” At times it will appear dark, even ominous, at other times light [airy], easy and free. All of it is a piece [seen through different facets]. Yes, like that.

At times, all these variations can take a toll on your peace, peace of mind and heart (both). We know this. You can resist or persist. It’s up to you in these instances, but we are always standing by and ready to assist and help with whatever is the presenting circumstance.

They are Always with Us

Wherever your path takes you, there we are. It cannot be other than so. We are there. We are here. We delight in your presence and any and all roles we can also participate with in that. It all comes together in its own miraculous way to bring a sense of joy into those who request it.

Go about your day now. It’s OK. We remain, but do not intrude.

When you begin to wonder or even marvel at the grandness of existence, a new layer can make itself known in your awareness in general. It all tallies up to something greater than you had previously imagined.

More can be known about any and all subjects as you desire that knowing-understanding.

Speaking to your fellows can precipitate some of this knowledge. However, the desiring of it is the essential key. The key that opens the doorway to the vastness of the knowing being that you truly are, here, now, and always.

You can choose your own destiny in a variety of ways, but we suggest your destiny is also choosing you! It evolves, devolves, aberates, confluences… You are ever becoming and therefore always in a state of flux.

Let your own delicious wantings and carings evolve into new and as yet undetermined directions. You will savor this. It will delight you.

It is the as yet indescribable that calls to you and yes, you to it. The harmonies are waiting and evolving. Keep the spirit of your soul, the who and what you are, in check only if it displeases you. Otherwise, let her have full view and access. When does that serve you? Ever. Always, all ways. Let it. Let it be so for you, for you and yours.

Begin always with as clean a slate as possible in each given circumstance. It pays off! 

When you desire a change in the modality that you are working in, there may be some bumps along the way. Not to worry. Evolution can have hiccups but the forward motion of the river is continuous. Whenever your desires lead you into unknown territories or decisions, remember that our assistance is always available to you, along with our loving appreciation of all you do and who you are.

Allow your love light to shine through, for this is where the true you will have her greatest rewards. Whenever you stumble, lift your head to the beam of joy that emanates from within your pulsating heart and know that, yes, you are being held and guided as you move through your daily tasks, trials and explorations of all that your life now has to offer. Fairwinds today!

When you feel you are on a better track or way of knowing and/or understanding, there will come with that a purpose to your life’s endeavors that has a newness, a freshness in all areas, not just the one you are working on.

There will be an upliftment in multiple ways. And it also transpires that there are then opportunities for new life, [like the fertile ground I prepared for the seedlings in the garden]. It can also clarify your present desires and senses of purpose & direction.

Whenever you “clear the decks” there is an acceleration in your life in general, as well as that specific area.

Dividing the World into Good and Bad

All is well when we are engulfed in a perception which divides the world into good and bad, and you happen to be involved in the “good” portion. But understanding more of a bigger circumference can lead to disaster inside, a “train wreck” of emotional responses.

This can amount to a stalling of the sweet juices that nurture and delight your soul. In its infancy you gain wisdom and understanding or “knowns” but these are still greatly limited in scope. You might understand it to be a breach in your mental awareness and a flood in your physical-knowing sense.

It all comes down to where and how you choose to know others and yourself. It can be hot, cold or in between but what comes into your awareness is forever indelibly imprinted in who you are. It cannot be otherwise.


Your own desires are like waves; sometimes crashing on the shore and sometimes a mere puddle here and there. Let yourself be inspired by the fire of the spirit within yourself and see the fine results that will be achieved with very little effort or consternation.

It all comes to this, do you desire it? And to what extent is that desire founded in faith, love and abundance, and to what extent fear, hatred and judgment, fear of judgement…

You get to choose, but you also get to decide your own outcome. It revolves around your level of desire, yes, but also your level of expressing the love of creation which dwells within.

Sometimes your own desires can also lead you “astray,” into choppy water and ravines. Your knowledge can assist, but in the end, there you are–on that steep ravine or in that choppy sea. For it is only in the experiencing of it, that your true perceptions as to your choices begin to unfold for you.

When you are beginning to wonder about things and your courses of action, remember that we are always willing and eager to assist and inspire.

When things get messy in your everyday, that becomes your norm, your daily life. But it needn’t be that mode or way. You can always re-decide, start again, anew, afresh.

When you continue to grow up into what you consider to be a greater, extended being of light and love, you may keep finding a waywardness that also involves your intuition and thought processes. It all comes of an expanded version of who and what you are. It bleeds into everyday living and supplies you with insights and inspirations, but the rapidity of it can bypass your conscious-mind-understanding-knowing-perception.

It comes down to your own alertness in the everyday moments of your everyday life and endeavors.

But whatever you do and whatever you understand, the knowing that pervades all is like the chariot that you ride in, the circumstance of your known world. It breathes and thinks and billows outward at times (like curtains) but meanwhile continues to provide a container of sorts.